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Friday, April 14, 2017


Toddler Blanket - Extra Large
appx 61" by 61", including ruffled edge
Acrylic yarn

This particular blanket was made for a neighbor friend, as an Easter present for their toddler, who I think is about a year and a half old. I call this stitch "the yucca stitch" because that's what it looks like to me, but also because I forgot what its real name is!

Close-up of specialty stitch

The blanket is very tightly woven, giving it a thick feel, especially with the mad, wonderful ruffle around the edge. Ruffles like this use up a LOT of yarn in a small space, but it is worth it. It looks gorgeous, and babies love to squish it between their fingers. The "yucca" detail also adds a great deal of depth of feel, which appeals to baby.

Close-up of squishy ruffle

The blanket is temporarily stored with a home-made sachet of organic lavender in a purple organza bag. Even though the blanket is composed of a man-made yarn (acrylic), which does not feed bugs, I like to store my finished work with organic lavender to keep everything fresh until given or sold.

Blanket temporarily stored with
home-made organic lavender sachet

I provide pictures of this blanket as an example of one type of blanket I intend to produce and offer for sale in future. I will update the blog with finished blankets ready for sale, when the time comes.

I will be wandering through the color palette with this blanket, especially with the extra large toddler blanket, which will invariably end up on the floor to cushion baby's tummy as he starts to squirm around on his own. While I will be cognizant of what will appeal to baby, artistic presentation and coordination with decor will be considerations. I am thinking of producing some blankets specifically geared to the little man, using grays and heathered blues, with just a touch of charcoal or other deep colors.

I am open to creating a blanket specifically to your requirements, as to color, etc. Leave a message on this blog, and I will get back to you about it. (Your message will not be published online.)

You cannot get this type of blanket from a Chinese factory. My fabric creations are unique, durable, exclusive of design, and of careful workmanship with attention to detail.

The yarn alone cost $45.00 for the large toddler blanket. Depending upon design and size, a baby blanket will take between 20 and 60 hours to complete.  After the item is made, it has to be blocked, which involves pinning and steaming on a large table.

Two sizes will be made:

Traditional baby blanket - 32" X 32" - $125.00
Extra large toddler blanket - 61" X 61" - $165.00

One cannot make much money with high quality, labor-intensive work like this, but I enjoy the creative process, I really need to make some money to supplement my small retirement pension, and I am an ardent believer in helping to preserve home-made American crafts. In addition, this type of work lends itself very well to a life dedicated to PRAYER. I like to say that there is "a prayer in every stitch!"

As a religious hermit, I am not actually a business person. All religious institutions and hermits have to support themselves with work that is in harmony with their vocation, and especially when it comes to physical, creative tasks, which allow for continuation of prayer time.

Independent religious persons do not have institutions that support them. The money asked for in connection with my work is a donation, a suggested minimum amount. In the spirit of charity, if you would like to offer more for any one of my creations, I will gratefully accept it.

Also, if you would like to donate some business tools and/or supplies to help me get this production off the ground, I would be thrilled. In this regard, click on the following links that will take you to my wish lists on Amazon. Amazon has my home address and will mail to me directly.


God bless us all!

Silver Rose Parnell