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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A friend of mine is waiting for her new granddaughter to be born, and I have crocheted a lace baby bonnet in preparation for the baptism.

This baby hat is made from 100% cotton thread and is entirely original of design and workmanship.  It is adjustable in two locations whereby a chain of thread acts as a drawstring through a lacy channel in the garment.  

A similar item would be shipped, complete with cleaning instructions printed on a lovely card, so that whoever receives the garment is assured that it is entirely hand made by an artisan devoted to keeping alive a craft that has mostly died out.

Artisan made home goods and clothing are becoming rare in this age of cheap, mass-produced Chinese materials that neither stand up to the test of time nor rise to the level of quality that a hand-made item typically does.

In exchange for a token donation, I will make a baby hat especially for you.  This hat took 8 hours to crochet and, if you want one that is similar, I ask for a $50 donation (plus shipping costs), which works out to about $6 an hour, far below what an artist's time is worth.  Donation must be made through my Paypal account before I begin work on your garment, and you should receive it within 3 weeks.  Because these garments are made to order and the donation represents only a token price, there are no refunds.

Available colors are: white, light pink, light blue, red, and maroon.  Other colors may be available on special order.  I will have to check my supplier at the time the garment is ordered.

If you would rather wait to see an actual garment I produce before you purchase, please send me your email address and I will advise you each time I add an item for sale. Announcements will be few, as each garment takes a long time to make, and my ability to produce these items is limited.

Please keep in mind that your donation goes toward supporting a disabled, older lady whose life is entirely devoted to God and who prays over and through each item she produces.  I like to say that there's a prayer in every stitch!  

If you have any further questions about my lacework, please send me a message, and I will get back to you.

In the meantime, God bless us all.

Silver "Rose" Parnell

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